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Be the captain of your boat

Written byNina Shepard

With 25 years of executive experience in insurance industry in the US and Europe, Nina brings a unique perspective to coaching conversations. She understands leadership challenges and uses practical approach that enables her clients to develop strategies for success, maximum impact, and greater confidence. She is especially strong at helping leaders succeed in their first C-suite role.

Have you recently landed your first job in a C-suite role?

Does it feel like you’re a boat captain that entered the ocean after sailing on a lake for a long time? You thought you knew how to sail, but now things have changed: your boat moves differently, strong currents are pulling in multiple directions, and the horizon line is not so clear anymore.

That’s how many new executives feel when they reach the top of an organization.

Succeeding in an executive job has never been more difficult than in today’s complex, fast-paced, and highly competitive environment. 

Data is alarming: numerous surveys conducted by consulting firms show that the overwhelming majority of new hires report that they were unprepared for the move and unsupported by their organization. According to the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), 50% to 70% of executives fail within 18 months of taking on a role, regardless of whether they were an external hire or promoted from within.

How prepared are you?
How can you avoid predictable mistakes and succeed in the new role?

Learn from others, find a mentor or an industry group to exchange opinions and broaden your perspective

Create your personal “Board” of seasoned professionals who are ready to brainstorm with you and challenge your thinking

Consider Executive coaching – engage in a laser focus high impact dialogue with a neutral partner who serves as your sounding board, helps you find creative solutions, move forward, and keep your mind clear and focused on the most important priorities.

Having appropriate support in the first year will play a crucial role in your C-suite success, and reaching out for it is in yours rather than your HR’s hands because often they don’t even realize that you’re in need until it’s too late.

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