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Have you recently accepted a breathtaking promotion opportunity or landed your dream job?

You were so excited, but suddenly your confidence is fading away and you’re starting to question whether you’re good enough for the role.

You feel a lot of pressure, everything is a priority, and there are simply not enough hours in your day.

You know you can do it, but you’re on your own to figure it out.

Having worked with many recently promoted leaders in both the corporate and private business worlds, I know how frustrating it can be to spend your time and energy tirelessly fixing what has not been working well, navigating the maze of internal politics, dealing with unprecedented challenges 24/7, and not making progress towards where you want to be.

How helpful would it be to have a partner to strategize and bounce ideas with? To help you unleash deep insights? To enable you to use proven strategies as your leadership tools?

I partner with leaders like you to serve as your sounding board, assist you in getting out of the weeds, help you achieve more clarity on what really matters, and enable you to shift from struggling and living on autopilot to mindful living and flourishing, in both your personal and professional life.

In the process of your coaching journey you will:

🔸 INCREASE YOUR SELF-AWARENESS: You will achieve a better understanding of yourself and how you show up in your working environment, both normally and under stress. You will discover your strengths and blind spots, how they support or hinder your ability to perform, and learn to use them more effectively going forward. Once you are more self-aware you will be empowered to make the necessary adjustments in order to achieve your desired outcomes.

🔸 DEVELOP YOUR AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP STYLE: You will learn to apply your strengths and develop your unique leadership style, bringing your own distinctive perspective to your organization and maximizing your potential impact on the results. You will learn to approach any challenge from the perspective of your strengths, and you will build both your confidence and your influence.

🔸 BECOME MORE RESOURCEFUL AND RESILIENT: You will explore a whole being concept, and experiment to find what fills your life with joy and happiness. You will explore the best ways to make your life more balanced and replenish your energy. You will build and strengthen a true connection with yourself and your ability to tap into your inner wisdom.

🔸 LEARN TO BE AGILE: You will become more flexible, develop growth mindset habits, and become comfortable with living with uncertainty and embracing complexity with curiosity, optimism, and ease.

🔸 DEVELOP SYSTEMIC THINKING: You will explore stakeholder and supportive network concepts. You will learn how to apply the latest neuroscience research to develop effective communication with your colleagues at work, your clients, and other stakeholders. You will tap into the art of developing a collaborative culture to empower your teams, create synergy, and bring value to your organization and its clients.

🔸 GROW YOUR EXECUTIVE INFLUENCE: Your clarity and focus will lead to achieving exceptional results. Your first year in your new role will become a compelling success. You will become a sought-after partner for others and your influence will grow, along with your ability to have a larger impact in the areas that are important to you.


let's talk

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Focus & Clarity

Nina helped me stay focused and see clearly through many issues to find key points to take action. This helps to make tasks less complicated and build on the steps needed to get to the endpoint.

1:1 Coaching


I gained faith in myself back, feeling of confidence came back and just catapulted.

1:1 Coaching

Better communication

I now ask more open ended questions...seeking to understand, versus one-way conversations. I pause and provide the space for people to share ideas and thoughts.

1:1 Coaching

Positive & trustworthy

I am impressed by Nina's coaching style, open and direct, that allows her to seamlessly create a positive, trusting bond with her clients.

1:1 Coaching