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My Journey

I began my working career in the early 1990s as a school teacher in Riga, Latvia, then part of the declining Soviet Union. Fortunately, a few years later we regained our independence, and a world of new opportunities unfolded for those who wanted to explore.

My journey included establishing several companies, growing one of them into a market leader and then selling it to the world’s largest organization in the industry. I then decided to stretch beyond the known again, growing my leadership impact and experience as a C-suite leader in a major corporation.

I became an expert on change and integration, gained firsthand experience of leading complex M&A projects in the highly competitive financial services industry, and managed companies in five countries and two continents, including the Baltic States, Poland, and the United States.


My Leadership & Coaching Approach

When I started to lead multiple teams and larger organizations, especially in multinational cultural contexts, I quickly realized that an “I know it all better than you” management approach doesn’t bring the desired results. It was time to change my leadership paradigm, from “I” and “Tell” to “We” and “Ask”. This is how my true leadership journey started.

Since 2007 I’ve studied a variety of leadership-related disciplines like coaching, team development, organizational development, positive psychology, happiness and resilience at work, and emotional intelligence. This has changed the quality of my leadership and coaching, as well as the quality of my whole life.

Now the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology is embedded in all the tools and approaches that I use to support my coaching clients and teams to achieve their desired outcomes.

I also learned to make people the core of any business, bringing them together and inspiring them for exceptional performance.

I am a no-nonsense coach, and everything I learn I test in real life. I feel at home both in the boardroom and on the front line. I know what it takes to become successful while remaining true to yourself and living in alignment with your values.

I am proud to be who I am today—an accomplished leader and a content and happy person.


Smiling with stones


I am blessed to have an amazing family, enjoy good health, and to have lived in some beautiful places.

I love oceans, mountains, and pine forests. Walking in nature is the best restorative tool, filling me with energy and joy.

I also gave myself a scuba diving certification as a fiftieth birthday present; I am fortunate to live near the Gulfstream, where the water is warm and full of life all year round. Diving is a great example of how we can learn new things—it’s scary and exhausting at the beginning, but so incredibly rewarding once you master it.   I still have some way to go towards mastery; I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Focus & Clarity

Nina helped me stay focused and see clearly through many issues to find key points to take action. This helps to make tasks less complicated and build on the steps needed to get to the endpoint.

1:1 Coaching


I gained faith in myself back, feeling of confidence came back and just catapulted.

1:1 Coaching

Better communication

I now ask more open ended questions...seeking to understand, versus one-way conversations. I pause and provide the space for people to share ideas and thoughts.

1:1 Coaching

Positive & trustworthy

I am impressed by Nina's coaching style, open and direct, that allows her to seamlessly create a positive, trusting bond with her clients.

1:1 Coaching