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Maturity checklist

Written byNina Shepard

With 25 years of executive experience in insurance industry in the US and Europe, Nina brings a unique perspective to coaching conversations. She understands leadership challenges and uses practical approach that enables her clients to develop strategies for success, maximum impact, and greater confidence. She is especially strong at helping leaders succeed in their first C-suite role.

Leadership requires maturity.

That doesn’t mean you must be grey-haired to become a leader – most of us have met mature teens and ignorant seniors.

Maturity is recognizing the presence of a bigger world that stretches beyond your immediate needs and desires. The world that requires exploration, calls for respect and needs to be taken into account in decision-making.

A mature person is prepared to take full responsibility for their actions, be considerate of others and the external environment, and be flexible in the face of changes.

That’s simple. We need more leaders who are mature individuals.

So, if you’re an aspiring leader, use the checklist to ask for feedback and reflect on how you show up in different life situations. Work on behaving maturely, and that alone will substantially increase your chances of being offered a promotion. 

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