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Leadership Mastery

Written byNina Shepard

With 25 years of executive experience in insurance industry in the US and Europe, Nina brings a unique perspective to coaching conversations. She understands leadership challenges and uses practical approach that enables her clients to develop strategies for success, maximum impact, and greater confidence. She is especially strong at helping leaders succeed in their first C-suite role.

These operating patterns indicate that your performance as a Leader is at risk. Learn to recognize them early to avoid falling into the trap of wasting your days (and sometimes even months).

“Being busy” doesn’t indicate that business goes well; it’s a sign that you have poor management habits, don’t delegate enough, and probably have your best people frustrated because you micromanage them to the T.

“Feeling exhausted” is not an equivalent of a productive day, but a sign that you lack clarity on what deserves your entire focus, waste energy engaging in things that don’t feel rewarding, and, therefore, you’re not performing at your best.

“Putting fires,” often considered a heroic activity, means you’re reactive and don’t spend enough time proactively planning and thinking.

“Pushing through” can mean that you’re tough and capable, but it also indicates that you lack flexibility and openness to new ideas.

“If I only could hire good people” – If you feel alone in the “fight,” it signifies a lack of systemic approach, transparent processes, and trust in your team. 10% of your people are exceptional no matter what you do; another 10% are poor performers, no matter how many hooks you jump through for them. And a solid 80% of your people are as good as you think they are! Treat them fairly, set clear expectations, and empower them to make decisions, and you might not need to look for “good” people outside the organization again.

I learned to recognize these thinking traps through trial and failure during years of doing business, not in my MBA class. I would save months and thousands of $ if someone would skillfully challenge my thinking and way of being at the beginning of my business career.

Don’t wait!

Look at these five patterns, and if you recognize them, ask yourself – is it time to let them go? Am I ready to step up and grow into becoming the Leader, not the title on my business card?

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