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Written byNina Shepard

With 25 years of executive experience in insurance industry in the US and Europe, Nina brings a unique perspective to coaching conversations. She understands leadership challenges and uses practical approach that enables her clients to develop strategies for success, maximum impact, and greater confidence. She is especially strong at helping leaders succeed in their first C-suite role.

Strategic thinking is a critical skill that C-suite leaders need to master to move their organizations toward flourishing. It includes the ability to create a long-term vision for sustainable growth and to engage all stakeholders of the business in supporting that strategy.

David Attenborough gave an excellent example of how to do this in his latest documentary, “A Life on Our Planet”.

I love watching David Attenborough’s environmental series. Have you seen colorful scenes of the ocean boiled up by feeding frenzy dolphins, sharks, and diving birds during a sardine run, or a mating dance of tiny paradise birds in the middle of the rain forest? These scenes are filmed with profound love and care for our planet, leaving no one untouched. My personal connection with nature has broadened because of these documentaries.

But his latest film, “A Life on Our Planet”, raised my appreciation of David Attenborough’s work to the next level. He called it a witness statement, where he tells a story of his life, from the times when a boy was exploring abandoned quarries, through his adventures of filming wildlife on all continents to the moment of realization that our planet has been adversely affected by human race to the extent that its’ existence is in real danger.

“What’s next?”, however, is not a theoretical inquiry for the distinguished explorer. After showing scenes of possible devastation to occur if we won’t change, he provides us with an inspiring vision and specific steps that we shall be taking to reverse wildlife deterioration and help our planet to recover from the inconsiderate destruction triggered by excessive consumption.

David Attenborough gives us a compelling example of strategic leadership approach by creating a vision skillfully packaged into an emotional story that makes most of us hold a breath, and some of us also cry. It’s upbeat and hopeful that we, as the human race, can make the right decisions, embrace the vision of our flourishing planet, and take steps to save it. 

How are you doing with your strategic thinking?

What’s your contribution towards creating a sustainable future for your business, employees, clients, and community?

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