Leadership & Happiness Coaching

for Senior Leaders

Helping you succeed in a new role with confidence, integrity and meaningful impact

Nina Kukuskina

Leadership & Happiness Coaching
for Senior Leaders

Helping you succeed in a new role with confidence, integrity and meaningful impact

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“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”

Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor

Feeling stuck or lonely at the top?

Pushing hard and not getting to where you want to be?

Having worked with recently promoted leaders in both corporate and private business settings, I know how frustrating it can be. However, there are other ways.

I coach leaders to be well prepared to deal with challenges from the start, and make their first year in a new role a compelling success.

My HAPPY to LEAD™ coaching approach draws on a rich body of research in neuroscience and positive psychology, combined with decades of personal leadership experience.

Key steps include:

🔸 Building self-awareness

🔸 Defining your unique leadership style

🔸 Developing a systemic approach

Here are some of the ways I can help you strengthen your leadership muscles, define your unique style, and become a confident and well-rounded leader

Build leadership mastery with 1:1 coaching

When you transition to a new role with bigger responsibilities, the projects, pressure, and expectations can quickly become overwhelming. Regular and laser-focused coaching helps you to build confidence quickly, deal with challenges effectively, and thrive in your new role over the first 12 months.

Expand your influence with emotional intelligence

Whether you’re already in the C-suite or working towards it, the importance of growing your emotional intelligence skills can’t be overestimated. With support from the carefully crafted and research-tested Genos International tools that I use as a certified Genos practitioner, you will see results almost instantly. This is the quickest and most powerful way to start making a difference in your workplace.

Create happiness for yourself and others

Live a well-rounded integrated life, and learn to be resilient and maintain an optimistic outlook even in the most challenging times. Enhance your understanding of happiness and a meaningful life well lived. Share your happiness and contentment with your family, colleagues, clients and community to create a happier world .

Sailboat & books

Hi, I’m Nina!

For the past two years my work has been dedicated to increasing awareness of the importance that happiness plays in the workplace, and supporting leaders to level up their performance when entering a new role or taking on major organizational initiatives to positively impact change, develop talent, and build organizational effectiveness.

I want the world to become a better place for people and the environment as a result of the work I do.

This is why I support you to become the leader you want to be. Happy to Lead, a confident leader who is dedicated to leading with integrity and positive impact.

You will then create a ripple effect for everyone in your work space and beyond, bringing benefits for clients, employees, communities, and of course yourself and your family.

My underlying philosophy is that everyone can impact the world most powerfully by focusing more on others and less on ourselves.


➤ Build your confidence and resilience muscles to lead through uncertainty and change

➤ Identify your strengths and blind spots

➤ Drive cultural change

➤ Successfully complete mergers and acquisitions

➤ Shape your authentic leadership style

➤ Develop a strategy to grow your executive presence

➤ Become a content and flourishing person living a meaningful life in alignment with your core values

➤ Make your first year in a new role a compelling success

Sailboat & books

Focus & Clarity

Nina helped me stay focused and see clearly through many issues to find key points to take action. This helps to make tasks less complicated and build on the steps needed to get to the endpoint.

1:1 Coaching


I gained faith in myself back, feeling of confidence came back and just catapulted.

1:1 Coaching

Better communication

I now ask more open ended questions...seeking to understand, versus one-way conversations. I pause and provide the space for people to share ideas and thoughts.

1:1 Coaching

Positive & trustworthy

I am impressed by Nina's coaching style, open and direct, that allows her to seamlessly create a positive, trusting bond with her clients.

1:1 Coaching